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Fencing, Trellis & Gates
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Rot Proof


Hollow vinyl fence looks
good, but does not have
the strength adequate for
equine safety

Palladium Fencing is the highest quality plastic-coated treated lumber you can get. Compared to other materials commonly used for fencing, Palladium provides combines the strength of wood for livestock safety and the maintenance-free benefits of polymer technology.

As replacement for treated lumber in playground equipment Palladium is unsurpassed. The thick, durable polymer coating puts a layer of protection between children and the play structure and helps eliminate splintering hazards.

Palladium will not rot or split. It resists UV exposure and temperature extremes and will not become brittle and break into dangerous shards like some hollow vinyl fencing.
Palladium is the best choice for the strength of wood and the advantages of polymer technology